FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. Read the full message


The Department of Student Life and 部 offers numerous 校园娱乐 programs that give the you the opportunity to play, 竞争, live active lifestyles, and encourage personal wellness. There are a wide range of programs for students, 教师, and staff — competitive and non-competitive, organized and informal, group and individual. Take a look around our website for the classes, 活动, intramural or club sports that inspire you to stay active. And when you find them, come out and PLAY with the PACK!

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The purpose of the 校内的运动 program is to provide exercise, 娱乐, and fun to our participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. 校内的运动 enhance the academic experience by promoting and reinforcing leadership qualities, 团队合作, personal accomplishment, 相互尊重, 完整性, competition and 娱乐, as well as skill and exercise. Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities. The genuine value of 校内的运动 comes from the camaraderie experienced with other participants and staff of the program. Find out more information on 校内的运动.


The purpose of the 俱乐部体育 program is to provide opportunities for self-organized and self-run university chartered student organizations that are sponsored by the Department of Student Life and 部. They are designed to serve individual interests in different sports and 娱乐al 活动, and can be competitive, non-competitive or instructional in nature. Find out more information on 俱乐部体育.

Outdoor Recreation Excursions (Get to NOLA)

Find out more information on Outdoor Recreation Excursions (Get to NOLA)

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